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Pricing Information

Pricing Information

Shoalhaven Water is committed to providing continuous improvement in meeting the on-going needs of business customers.

calculator Our pricing covers water, sewerage and effluent removal

In this regard we are able to provide an integrated response to current business issues relating to water, sewerage and liquid trade waste, together with future business development opportunities.

Depending on the services that we supply your business, the pricing categories are as follows:


Water charges are made up of two components consisting of availability and usage. Fees are applicable to the size of the water meter, number of meters and the volume of water used.


Sewerage charges are also made up of two components for the non-residential properties, the availability and sewer usage charge. Where applicable, a liquid trade waste usage charge may also apply based on discharge factor for the business activity and an annual fee.

Water, Sewerage and Trade Waste Charges appear on your Water Account and are levied in approximately 90 day cycles. Charges are itemised on the reverse side of your account.

Pro-rata Usage Charges

The price of usage changes on 1 July every year. For bills that fall over two financial years, the usage charges are 'pro-rated'. This involves using a customer's average daily water use to estimate how much water was used in each financial year and then applying the relevant rates to the usage used in each financial year. This is the fairest way of calculating charges as each property will have a full 365 days at each annual rate and water used in a particular year will be charged at that year's prices. 

Effluent/Septic Removal

For businesses that are not connected to sewer, charges relating to business effluent removal ‘regular pumpout’ are levied to your Rates Notice with excess charges levied monthly. Cleanout applications for septic and aerated tanks are available through Shoalhaven Water and are charged as a prepaid service.

Liquid Trade Waste

Fees and charges are dependent the type of business activity conducted within your business and are generated after an initial or annual onsite inspection. See above in relation to the trade waste usage charges.

Backflow Prevention

Fees are issued annually to correspond with the renewal date of the device installation. Customers are required to have their device/s tested by a certified plumber to ensure correct operation of the device/s. Overdue fees are charged for late inspection.

Standpipe Hire

Standpipes are available for hire on a weekly or quarterly basis and fees charged accordingly. Customers must submit a Metered Standpipe Hire Agreement which indicates current fees and charges.