Water Restrictions

Water Restrictions

Level 1 Water Restrictions are in place and will continue until significant rainfalls are received.  

hosepipe watering a garden Water restrictions will sometimes be enforced.

Our water supply is designed to be secure but there will be times under prolonged drought conditions when Shoalhaven Water are required to restrict water usage in order to preserve the City’s supplies to meet essential needs. The water supply scheme and Council's Drought Management Plan is driven by defined trigger points based on consumption, storage and weather factors.

In general terms water usage will involve restrictions on:

  • Garden and/or lawn watering (including new turf)
  • Use of sprinklers, drip irrigation and unattended hoses
  • Washing down paved areas or hard surfaces
  • Washing of vehicles, boats and caravans
  • Topping up of existing swimming pools

To find out what water related activities are restricted during water restrictions follow these links:

General Water Restriction Levels
Business Related Water Restriction Levels

If you require the use of water for a specific purpose outside of the set restrictions, you must apply for a Special Variation. Approval to your request generally takes two working days. To apply for a Special Variation Request please follow the Related Link to your right. 

Penalties apply for non-compliance of restrictions any may result in fines of up to $2,200.

Water Restrictions are lifted when:

  • The long term forecast for rain is considered positive,
  • It is unlikely that water restrictions will be re-imposed within 3 months,
  • Sufficient time has elapsed following substantial rain to confirm the stable inflow and river predictions are greater than 135 ML/day, and
  • If there is still some uncertainty, move to ease restrictions until stable river flow can be confirmed.

Further information can be found in our Additional Information section below which includes an extensive list of Frequently Asked Questions or check out or Related Link to the right - our Water Snapshot page will give you up-to-date information on our dam levels and river flows.