Educational Tours

Treatment Plant Tours

Shoalhaven Water proudly offer group tours of the region’s major water and wastewater treatment facilities.

treatment plant tour Shoalhaven Water offer regular plant tours.

Whether it’s producing clean fresh drinking water or treating wastewater for reuse on farms, the treatment process is a fascinating and complex procedure.

Tours can be arranged in both the north and the south of the Shoalhaven and take approximately 4 hours (depending on tour). They are free to attend and bookings are essential.

Visitors will learn:

  • How our water is collected, stored and purified before being delivered to the community.
  • They will be provided an insight into our Award Winning conservation practices including the Recycled Water Management Scheme (REMS).
  • They will be educated on the wider issues of community health and the vital long-term maintenance of the Shoalhaven’s waterways and environment.

Shoalhaven Water conducts tours for:

  • Community groups
  • School groups 

Community Group Tours  

Community group tours are open to all members of the community and include both water and wastewater treatment processes. Upcoming tours are generally advertised in local newspapers and fall in weeks such as Seniors Week, Local Government Week or during National Water Week.

Below is an example of our northern tour:

  • Tour bus from Nowra Showground
  • Visit to the Bamarang Water Treatment Plant on the Shoalhaven River
  • Morning tea
  • Visit to the Callala Wastewater Treatment Plant which includes the Recycled Water Management Scheme (REMS)
  • Return to Nowra Showground

Our southern tour leaves from the Ulladulla Civic Centre and goes to Milton Water Treatment Plant and Ulladulla Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The tour has a considerable amount of walking so good mobility is essential, and hats and sunscreen are advisable as the majority of the tour is outdoors.

School Group Tours

School group tours are open to high school senior science students as well as university students. The tours can be tailored to meet the educational requirements of the group and can include water treatment, wastewater treatment, or both treatment processes. 

The following schedule generally applies:

  • School group picked up from their high school at a predetermined time
  • Visit to the selected treatment plant/s – water, wastewater, or both
  • Group returned to their school

Shoalhaven Water offer Tapstar Educational Shows for Primary school aged children, visit our Tapstar Education website to find out more.

Keeping Visitors Safe

Shoalhaven Water is committed to keeping all visitors to our sites safe. We reserve the right to cancel a booked tour, and ask individuals or groups to leave the site immediately if any action or behaviour is deemed unsafe.

Visitors to the sites are asked to strictly follow these safety rules while on-site:

  • Wear appropriate footwear such as flat closed in shoes, no sandals or thongs are permitted on-site
  • Visitor must have good mobility for climbing stairs and walking
  • Sunscreen and hats are advisable as the majority of the tour is outdoors
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere within or near the building
  • As an operational facility you must stay with the tour guide at all times
  • Refrain from touching any machinery or equipment – there are physical and chemical hazards within the plant
  • Definitely no running or climbing at the plant

For school groups, teachers and accompanying adults are expected to actively supervise students at all times, and at no point students are to be left unsupervised. Supervision and discipline is the school's responsibility.

For further information regarding Treatment Plant Tours contact Shoalhaven Water on 02 4429 3214 or email