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Latest developments affecting the water industry as well as updates on our activities in the Shoalhaven.

Cleaning Residential Solar Panels Under Water Restrictions

24 Dec 2019

Shoalhaven City Council is currently under Level 1 Water Restrictions with residents being encouraged to make every drop count.

Under the restrictions the hosing down of hard surfaces is banned and an individual can receive a penalty notice.  However, considering the current situation with the fires Shoalhaven Water is temporarily relaxing this requirement to permit pressure washing of solar panels to ensure they remain operational.

Acting Director of Shoalhaven Water Robert Horner noted that Shoalhaven Water has received a number of requests asking if residents can clean their solar panels, following the ash fallout.

We’ve had reports of Solar Panels not working due to the caking of ash over them, particularly in areas that have received light rainfall.”

Solar Panels are usually considered a hard surface, however, due to the current situation we are experiencing we have decided to allow residents to clean their solar panels, using a pressure washer for the time being.” Robert Horner said.

Though I would like to remind residents this does not permit any other hard surface to be hosed down, such as driveways or walls, and all other restrictions imposed by Level 1 should be adhered to.” Mr Horner said.

Other relaxations may be considered as part of the clean-up process when this emergency situation has passed.”

The special consideration will only be in effect for a short period and residents are reminded to still be water conscious whilst cleaning their panels.

Level 1 Water Restrictions NOW APPLY

02 Dec 2019

Level 1 Water Restrictions are introduced under Council’s Drought Management Plan when Bamarang Dam is drawn down to 60% capacity.

Just a reminder that under Level 1 Water Restrictions the following applies:

  • No washing down of hard surfaces such as paths, driveways and paved areas.
  • Garden and lawn watering can only be done with a hand held hose or using sprinklers fixed to a timer.
  • Topping up existing swimming pools can be done with a hose fixed to a timer.

The 7,660 megalitre storage dam at Danjera acts as an emergency backup supply for the Shoalhaven River in times of drought. The combination of Danjera Dam and the off river Bamarang Dam storage acts to limit the effect of low flows in the Shoalhaven River to provide drought security for the Shoalhaven City water supply system.

On Wednesday 27th November, the first release was made from Council’s Danjera Dam via Yalwal Creek, which allows for the refilling of Bamarang Dam.

water bill summary

Photo: Release of water through opening of one of the two outlet valves. The water is released from Danjera Dam via the green outlet pipe (LHS). The outflow is monitored and the outlet valve is progressively opened to release a flow equivalent to 90ML/day.

water bill summary

Photo: Bamarang Dam at 60% capacity, prior to the Danjera Dam release.

A Water Restriction Variation Request is required for approval of any use of water outside of the restriction requirements. The online application is available here

You can explore the Shoalhaven Water website for further information on Water Restrictions, responses to frequently asked questions or an update on the current water situation. Alternatively, you are invited to contact the information hotline on 1300 662 246 or talk with our Customer Service Team on 4429 3214.

Water Restrictions

10 Nov 2019

Shoalhaven Water is advising the Community that Level 1 water restrictions will commence from Monday 2nd December 2019.

Acting Director of Shoalhaven Water, Robert Horner has communicated that  “Level 1 restrictions are about increasing the awareness of residents water usage. NSW is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts on record and everyone must rethink their water usage and look for ways to conserve water in and around their property. Shoalhaven’s dam levels are currently at 83 per cent but with little rainfall predicted and the peak summer period approaching, it’s time to implement a change.  Evidence from previous years tells us that water demand in the Shoalhaven, during the peak holiday period, can increase by up to 40 per cent on our off-peak demand. Water restrictions will remain in place until storages have recovered sufficiently, which will only occur with some consistent rainfall events.”

Under Level 1 Water Restrictions the following applies:

  • No washing down of hard surfaces such as paths, driveways and paved areas.
  • Garden and lawn watering can only be done with a hand held hose or using sprinklers fixed to a timer.
  • Topping up existing swimming pools can be done with a hose fixed to a timer.

Standard variations to Level 1 Water Restrictions are available to Commercial and Community users. These variations only apply during Water Restriction Levels 1 & 2. If you require the use of water for a specific purpose outside of the set restrictions, you are requested to apply for a Special Variation. The online application for a Special Variation Request is available on this website.

Please explore the website for further information on Water Restrictions, responses to frequently asked questions or an update on the current water situation. Alternatively, you are invited to call the information hotline on 1300 66 22 46.

National Water Week

01 Nov 2019

Shoalhaven Water celebrated all things water during National Water Week, with a focus on building customer awareness around the value of access to clean water in our everyday lives. Local residents took up the opportunity to attend a specialised tour of two of our largest facilities. The tour educated customers about where their water comes from and how it is treated before being supplied to their homes.

The tour also provided customers with an understanding of the Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS). Shoalhaven’s REMS is one of the largest reclaimed water management schemes in Australia, having beneficially re-used approximately 25 billion litres of reclaimed water since its commencement in 2002.

This sustainability project highlights how wastewater is recycled and re-used to irrigate dairy pasture, sporting fields and golf courses. One of the attendees followed up the tour through expressing her appreciation and recommendation that the whole community take the time to attend such a valuable and interesting tour. You are invited to register your interest in attending a future tour through email ( or via a call to our Customer Service Team on 4429 3214.

Shoalhaven River Festival

01 Nov 2019

Another year of festivities for our community at the Shoalhaven River Festival, and Tapstar and Dripette, along with our happy Customer Service Team engaged with thousands community members to share their knowledge of where our water comes from in the Shoalhaven. Thanks to all our Customers attending the River Festival, who have partnered with us to consider what they can do to conserve water in their daily lives.

It’s Time To Change The World

24 Oct 2019

The region is celebrating everything Shoalhaven Water as National Water Week kicks off for 2019. The week aims to build awareness around the value of access to clean water in our everyday lives.

This year’s theme is It’s time to change the world, a motto which Shoalhaven Water’s Acting Director Robert Horner believes Shoalhaven Water embodies, with their sustainable projects such as the Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS).

“Shoalhaven’s REMS is one of the largest reclaimed water management schemes in Australia, having beneficially re-used approximately 25 billion litres of reclaimed water since its commencement in 2002.” Mr Horner said.

“Our local dairy farming industry has been the greatest beneficiary of the scheme with the majority of the reclaimed water from 4 of our sewage treatment plants being beneficially re-used to irrigate dairy pasture.  The reclaimed water is also used to keep our local sporting fields and golf courses healthy.”

“The REMS has been operating successfully for 17 years now, with four sewage treatment plants, in St Georges Basin, Huskisson, Callala and Culburra, providing about 6 million litres of high quality reclaimed water every day to the scheme”. Mr Horner said

While approximately 98% of NSW is currently in drought, Council’s need to consider all opportunities to save this valuable resource.  Currently, in the Shoalhaven 1 Million Litres (ML) of potable water is conserved each day by replacing its use with reclaimed water. This equates to around 6 billion litres since the REMS was established.

Reclaimed water availability is set to more than double as the next stage of the REMS project nears completion. 

“We are close to completing major upgrades to our Nowra and Bomaderry sewage treatments plants, which will increase the REMS capacity to 13 million litres per day, providing further irrigation opportunities to farms, sporting fields and golf courses. This reclaimed water would otherwise be discharged to our local rivers and to the ocean.” Mr Horner said

“We’re hoping National Water Week will encourage our community to reflect on the importance of water conservation and in turn consider what they can do to conserve water in their daily lives.”  

Council is encouraging residents to keep updated on Shoalhaven Water’s sustainable water projects and tips for water conservation on their website;

Patrol increases at Yalwal

3rd October 2019

Council’s Ranger Services are partnering with NSW Police to patrol the Yalwal area over the October Long Weekend.

These services are being implemented to provide confidence that conditions of use are being monitored and enforced. Penalty notices will be issued to anyone found not complying as required.

Visitors are requested to read signage in the area, and review information about rules of use, the historical and environmental significance of this area, and the role of Danjera Dam in the Shoalhaven's water supply.

This information will support your safety and enjoyment of the area over this weekend. For more information on the background of Danjera Dam Camping area click here

Recent rainfall delays Water Restrictions

1st October 2019

During mid September the Shoalhaven catchment received significant rainfall, with most areas experiencing in excess of 50mm over a few days. This increased the flows into Tallowa Dam and Shoalhaven Water resumed pumping from the Shoalhaven River at Burrier, to Bamarang Dam. As of today, the capacity of Bamarang Dam is 93%, Danjera Dam 84% and Porters Creek Dam 72%.

Given the improved situation with river flows and dam storages, water restrictions do not currently apply. Trigger levels, short and longer term weather outlooks continue to be monitored to ensure water restrictions, if required, are planned for in accordance with Council’s Drought Management Plan.

Please stay informed about the current water situation through this link to our Water Snapshot page.

Water Restrictions may be necessary in September

22nd August 2019

With the continued dry spell having an impact of the Shoalhaven River flows and which is the trigger to implementing water restrictions, Shoalhaven is again facing the possibility of restrictions. The previous water restrictions were removed in December 2018 following significant rainfall and with regular falls since that time, there has been no need to impose restrictions. This is despite the drought conditions being experienced in other parts of NSW. Water restrictions are imposed in line with the Shoalhaven Drought Management Plan and are triggered by the first release of water from the backup storage at Danjera Dam.

The Acting Director of Shoalhaven Water Mr Robert Horner said, “the total combined Shoalhaven dam storage level is at 85% of capacity and the outlook for rain in the near future is not strong. We are therefore preparing for water restrictions from mid-September on the basis that we receive no significant rainfall beforehand.” Mr Horner said, “the Shoalhaven River, through releases from Tallowa Dam, is the city’s main normal water source and pumping has ceased from the river at this time and the forecast is signalling further dry conditions”.

The aim of water restrictions is to balance between trying to prolong the amount of water in the dams while still allowing the community to use water how they need it “ he said.

Shoalhaven Water encourages the community to stay up to date on the latest water situation. Details can be found on the Shoalhaven Water website or by calling the information line 1300 662 246.

Shoalhaven Water seeks public comment – Alcohol Free Zone

7th August 2019

In late 2018 Council were provided with a report on the future directions for the Danjera Dam site following public exhibition and consultation with registered  stakeholders.  There were 7 recommendations within the report with one being to classify the Council owned land as a 24 hour alcohol prohibited area.  Most submissions received following the public exhibition was the concern relating to unacceptable alcohol fuelled behaviour of some users. Council therefore instigated the process to establish the Council owned land as alcohol free.  

Shoalhaven Water is undertaking actions in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 to establish a defined area classified as an alcohol free zone. This process includes seeking public comment in respect of the proposal.  Examples of anti-social behaviour and incidents can be found by following this link

Details about the proposed zone, background to the Danjera Dam site at Yalwal including a timeline of discussion points can be found on the Danjera Dam pages of this website or follow this link.

The area proposed to be included within the alcohol free zone is contained in the discussion points is also on the Danjera Dam pages.  

The public are being invited to lodge written submissions or objections in respect of the proposal for a period of 1 month from Wednesday 14 August 2019.

Shoalhaven Water customers asked to contribute information to a community research initiative

29th June 2019

Whilst recent rainfall has meant that no water restrictions are currently in place, Shoalhaven Water is working with an independent research company to gain an insight into customer idea’s and suggestions for saving water. Shoalhaven Water understands that imposing restrictions can be confusing and sometimes a burden to our customers, both at home and in the workplace. 

We would like to know what people feel is working and where there might be an opportunity to change our approach. Shoalhaven Water is also interested to assess the effectiveness of restrictions and the communication during these times.

An independent research company (IRIS) will randomly contact customers to ask if they would like to contribute to the survey. This might be via telephone or email and it is expected that the survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. 

Customers who are not contacted directly but would still like to participate can do so online or by visiting one of the Council libraries or Administration centres. Alternatively, you can take the survey here

For more information about this research initiative contact us on 1300 66 22 46.

Water Restrictions

29th May 2019

Shoalhaven Water’s Director Carmel Krogh has confirmed that with no rain on the horizon the Shoalhaven is quickly heading towards water restrictions. Level one water restrictions may be just weeks away with Shoalhaven Water preparing to release back up water storage supplies from Danjera dam.

The continued dry spell is having an impact on the Shoalhaven River flows which is the trigger to implementing water restrictions. The Shoalhaven’s main storage supply at Bamarang is an off-creek storage dam and is reliant on water being pumped from the Shoalhaven River at Burrier to maintain its capacity. When the pumps are turned off at Burrier the Shoalhaven is reliant on the current dam capacity. When the level of water in Bamarang Dam again starts to decline, the next level of water restrictions is implemented.

With dry predictions again forecast for Winter the community is encouraged to be conscious of water usage. For an overview on our water supply visit our Water Snapshot page.

Further updates

Shoalhaven Water performance as the Utility provider to the city has been assessed.

15 May 2019

The National Performance Report 2017-18 for Urban Water Utilities is produced by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and it benchmarks the performance of 85 water service providers.

Shoalhaven Water is included in the benchmarking against all National and comparative sized utilities. The applicable results of each National Performance benchmarking process are shown each year within the Shoalhaven Water Customer Service Plan. This enables transparency of Shoalhaven Water’s performance on the services we provide for our customers.

Council at its meeting of 14 May 2019 were provided with a report summarising Shoalhaven Water’s performance against those key results provided by the BOM. Some of the highlights of particular interest for customers included;

  • Nationally - the Lowest Typical Residential Bill ($) – Water
  • Comparative sized utilities – 5th lowest Combined Operating Cost ($/property) – Water and Sewer
  • Comparative sized utilities – the lowest number of Property connection breaks and chokes – Sewer
  • Nationally – shared the highest % of Water Quality Compliance – Water Supply

A full copy of the Council report to the Strategy & Assets Committee can be found here.

The Australian Government Urban national performance reporting result including the full dataset of results can be found here.

Draft Delivery Program Operational Plan and Budget, Resourcing Strategy and Fees and Charges - Now on Exhibition

13th May 2019

Shoalhaven City Council’s Draft Delivery Program Operational Plan and Budget, Resourcing Strategy and Fees and Charges, is now on exhibition until the 6th June 2019. To view the document, follow this link to Council’s Get Involved Page.

Hard copies of the documents are also available at Nowra and Ulladulla Administration Centres.

Shoalhaven Water proposed fees and charges adopted for inclusion in the draft 2019/20 budget

2nd May 2019

Council at its meeting on 30 April 2019 resolved to accept the proposed availability and usage charges for inclusion in the draft budget. The proposal includes no increase to water charges and a less than previously forecast increase to the sewer availability charge. Public exhibition of the charges and community information evenings will commence shortly. Details of the charges can be viewed here.

Details of the community information evenings are;
Nowra – Nowra School of Arts - Thursday 9 May - 6 to 8pm
Berry – Berry School of Arts - Thursday 16 May - 6 to 8pm
Ulladulla – Ulladulla Civic Centre - Tuesday 21 May - 6 to 8pm
Culburra Beach – Banksia Hall - Wednesday 22 May - 6 to 8pm

Shoalhaven Water wins Best Tasting Tap Water in NSW/ACT

5 April 2019

Shoalhaven Water has beaten other finalists to win the 2019 Best Tasting Tap Water for NSW and the ACT. This competition is run annually by IXOM at the NSW Water Industry Operations Association of Australia conference. IXOM is an industry leader in water treatment across South East Asia and the Americas.

Over the coming months, water authorities from other regional and metropolitan areas will participate in state heats where water samples will be judged on qualities like colour, clarity, odour and mouthfeel during blind taste tests. The state winners will then compete for the National title and go on to represent Australia at the International Water Tasting competition.

Mr Craig Mathisen the Water Industry Operations Association, Chief Operations Officer said that “members of the general public would probably be surprised to learn the complexities involved in delivering high quality water to our taps each day”. This competition recognises water quality but also the hard work by those Water Operators who ensure that safe, clean drinking water is available to the community.

The Director of Shoalhaven Water Carmel Krogh has said “these results are fantastic recognition for the consistent hard work of the team managing Shoalhaven’s water supply. It is also an exciting way to raise awareness of the quality of our drinking water”.

Supporting WaterAid

19 March 2019

WaterAid is an international not-for-profit organisation that maintains a vision for a world where everyone, everywhere has safe water, sanitation and hygiene. Shoalhaven Water are proud ongoing supporters of WaterAid.

Visit WaterAid to find out how you can help.

World Water Day

22 March 2019

Today, billions of people are still living without safe drinking water with households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive. UN Water Sustainable Development Goal 6 is crystal clear: water for all by 2030 and by definition, this means leaving no one behind.

This World Water Day is about tackling the water crisis by addressing the reasons why so many people are being left behind. On Friday 22 March, spare a thought of those less fortunate than us. Visit to find out more.

Woollamia Sewerage Scheme Information Session

21 January 2019

Lady Denman Maritime Museum, Dent St Huskisson
Saturday, 9 February, 9:30am - 11:30am

Community members are invited to attend a drop-in session in Huskisson to learn more about the Woollamia Sewerage Scheme. Engineers will be there to provide a range of information including:

  • The extent of the scheme.
  • The components of the scheme.
  • How a pressure sewer system works.
  • The design process.
  • Land owner inputs required.
  • Potential and ongoing costs to land owners.
  • Program of the works to completion.
  • Any other questions land owners may have regarding the scheme.

For more information on the scheme simply follow this link.

Last show for the year

11 December 2018

Shoalhaven Water would like to thank our water saving superheroes for another successful year as the Tapstar Show visited 11 local primary schools. The last show of the year received major applause by Nowra Public School teacher Shane McMillan, who was very impressed that the show was such a hit with the students and that the use of humour, music and fun all combined to help deliver a very important message to the students. 

Below are some of the comments received by the students.

"On Friday November 30th all of Infants came to the Tap stars show tap stars came to Nowra Public school in the hall. Tap stars is a water hero. Kids came on the stage to perform in the show. Granny used water to move the leaves off the drive way. I enjoyed the show because learnt something about saving water."

"Friday 30th of November we walked to the hall to see a show about saving water called tapstars. There was an angry toilet who was the funniest. When Tapstar said Tapstar we went dededoo!!!! Oscar is a character and a actor for granny. my favourite way to save water is while you brush your teeth keep the tap off."

"My favrtoute stratergy was only use full flush when you need to do a number 2 and when you need to do a number 1 use half flush. During the show I felt happy after the show I was happy. It was cool when he went "TAPSTAR doo doo doo doo." 

Water Restrictions Lifted

10 December 2018

After the substantial rainfall event a few weeks ago, Level One Water Restrictions will cease effective from Monday 10 December. That rainfall has provided a sustained flow in the Shoalhaven River. This has again allowed Shoalhaven Water to pump water from the river to our off-creek storage dam.

Shoalhaven Water Director Carmel Krogh thanked Shoalhaven residents for embracing the water restrictions. “We are happy to announce that Level One Water Restrictions will be lifted from the Shoalhaven in time for Christmas,” Mrs Krogh said.

Restrictions were introduced in September when our main water supply at Bamarang reduced to 60 per cent capacity and this week's readings indicate the Dam is currently at 94.7 per cent capacity. In addition, there is predictions to indicate follow up rainfalls in the coming months and this will further improve the Shoalhaven’s water supply.

Updated 603 Certificate

10 December 2018

Shoalhaven Water are going live with an updated water billing system on Tuesday 11th December 2018. As part of the systems development and with the benefit of industry and user consultation, changes have been made to the current Section 603 Water Certificate. The new look certificate provides information as required under the Local Government Act 1993 in a concise and easy to read format.

Practitioners using Property Exchange Australia (PEXA) to direct settlement payments can refer to the biller code and payment reference details which will now be specifically shown on the Water Certificate. The processes for practitioners requesting a certificate remain unchanged and it is recommended that an update of charges and a final water meter read are sought prior to settlement.

New look water account soon to be launched

07 December 2018

To co-incide with a new billing system Shoalhaven Water has launched the first stage of a new look water account. Still easily recognisable as a Shoalhaven Water invoice, the account will reach most customers during the first quarter of 2019 and has been designed for reading simplicity. Feedback from customers has been to create a single page invoice with key information about water use, meter readings and summarised charges. To this end the account now has:

  • An extended and graphed period for water consumption to compare seasonal water use,
  • A due date for the next meter reading to enable customers to plan ahead,
  • Summarised concession and charge information

Customers have requested and it is planned to provide transactional information between billing periods.  Visit the Your Water Account Explained page for more information about the new water account.”

Problem lies with taps, not water supply

30 November 2018

Shoalhaven Water would like to reassure our customers that our water supply is safe and follows a strict testing regime with analysis undertaken in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.   However, plumbing pipes and fittings inside homes can contribute to increased levels of metals such as copper, lead and nickel.  The articles in question indicate the issue mainly lays with water that sits for long period of time in the household plumbing and not in the water supply itself.

A google search will reveal a number of these articles for the interest of customers. To keep water fresh:

  •  only use water from cold taps for drinking and cooking
  • choose plumbing products that have been certified to WaterMark and AS/NZS 4020:2005 when renovating and building, and/or products with little or no lead  content.
  • flush cold water taps used for drinking and cooking for about 2-3 minutes after periods of non-use, such as returning from holidays. You can collect this 'flushed' water and use it to wash up
  • flush cold water taps used for drinking and cooking for about 30 seconds first thing in the morning

There is no need to have your water tested for lead. If you follow these good practice measures, you can reduce your potential exposure to metals in plumbing. Shoalhaven Water does not undertake water testing at household levels, customers that wish to arrange household testing can do so via a number of Labs registered and found online.

Level 1 Water Restriction to continue

23 November 2018

The intermittent falls of rain during October and November has resulted in lower consumption across the city. These falls have also enabled water supply to be used at times direct from the Shoalhaven River. Consequently the trigger levels to warrant an increase to the water restrictions has not been reached.  It is not anticipated that any increase to the level of restriction will be required until 2019.   

Water restrictions will remain in place until significant rainfalls are received in the catchment and the 3 Shoalhaven dams are again full.  

“With the summer fast approaching and together with the mixed rainfall forecasts; there is a need to increase the level of promotion about water conservation” said the Shoalhaven Water Business Manager Tony Holmes.  He said that “customers will see a greater level of communication about water conservation from mid-December. In addition, the use of Inspectors, Rangers and Private Security will actively continue to ensure compliance. 

This is necessary as the Shoalhaven experiences a large number of visitors.”  He said that “generally the conditions of Level 1 water restrictions have mostly been met by customers and it has not been necessary to impose any penalties to this point.  The conditions of water use at Level 1 are not too restrictive and customers can also apply for special variations if required.  This has been well received by customers and it is reflected by the good compliance results” he said. 

Council to proceed with a planning process to seek zoning of the Danjera Dam site for appropriate use including limited camping opportunities

19 November 2018

Council at its meeting on 13 November resolved to proceed with undertaking a planning process to seek zoning of the site for appropriate use based on a concept plan which includes limited camping opportunities.

Funding and commitment from both a Local and State Government level will be required to fully develop the tourism potential of this area," Mayor Findley said.

"It is proposed that Council needs to take steps to manage its land holdings in the short and medium term and look to the State Government as a major stakeholder and land owner to lead the development of a management plan for the Crown Land that could complement the Council's proposals. Public safety is also a primary concern for Council and as a result, a number of triggers have been established which will result in the closure of the camping ground at times when the area is considered to be unsafe."

She said that "triggers include closing the grounds in periods of "severe" fire danger levels and when the when the dam level is 4 metres below top water level.  It is proposed to continue to provide ranger and other security resources to enforce "no camping" areas and to monitor anti-social behaviour as well as install CCTV cameras and warning advice at appropriate spots.  Council will also classify the land owned by

Council as a 24-hour "Alcohol Prohibited Area" The Council owned land at Danjera is surrounded by Crown Land and National Park. It is imperative that the State Government develops a management plan for their land".

Further information can be found within the report to Council's Ordinary Meeting by following this link

Water consumption rebate for local drought affected farms

01 November 2018

As the Shoalhaven and South East NSW remains in drought, Shoalhaven Water is providing eligible rural or agricultural categorised water account customers with a rebate for higher water use. The assistance is available to those customers where water consumption has increased in comparison to previous averages and it will be available on application.

Applications can be easily done online and accounts will be calculated for adjustment by Shoalhaven Water. The rebate will apply for water accounts issued since 1 October 2018 and will continue while the south east is in significant drought. Other assistance packages are always available to help customers with maintaining essential water supplies to their connected properties and customers are encouraged to contact Shoalhaven Water for more detail.

Apply for drought assistance here

Level 1 water restrictions to continue despite some recent rainfalls

12 October 2018

Despite recent rainfall in the Shoalhaven area, Level 1 water restrictions remain in place. Some increase in flows in the Kangaroo River have  allowed Shoalhaven Water to top up Bamarang dam, while conserving the back-up supply from Danjera dam. 2850 million litres of water was released from Danjera dam prior to the recent rain, and this back up supply now sits at 59%.  The whole of the Shoalhaven continues to be served from Bamarang dam, as Porters Creek dam in the southern area is currently sitting at 49.3%.

River levels in the Shoalhaven River are being monitored daily, with some increase in the last 24 hours. Shoalhaven Water staff will continue to monitor the total inflows to Tallowa dam. Pumping from this supply can be maintained while ever the inflows exceed 90 ML/day. As of today (Thursday 11th) the inflow is above 500 ML/day.

The Bureau of Meteorology has declared an El Nino alert level this week, which indicates a hotter and drier summer.

Our Water Source

24 September 2018

Our primary reservoir for water supply is Bamarang Dam and it provides water to approximately 50,000 properties across the Shoalhaven. Water is supplied from Berry to Lake Tabourie. When the dam capacity is at its peak it holds around 3800 ML (megalitres) of water. In times of drought, and when river flows are low, we cease pumping from the river and rely solely on the water stored in our off creek storage.

Located at Yalwal, our backup water supply is Danjera Dam and it has a capacity of 7660 ML. When Bamarang Dam water level reduces to around 60% we release water from Danjera Dam into the Shoalhaven River so that we can top up our supply at Bamarang. During these times it is important that the community look for ways to conserve water.

Check out our current drone footage of Bamarang Dam and Danjera Dam.

Schools can help to be Water Wise 

11 September 2018

In conjunction with Children’s Week and Water Week which will be held on during 19-28 October 2018, Shoalhaven City Council and Shoalhaven Water are inviting schools to help be water wise by being creative.

As the Shoalhaven has just launched Level 1 Water Restrictions, Council has organised a “Tap and Win” competition aimed at the younger generation to educate them about being water warriors. Council is inviting school classes and teachers to think about being water wise and to enter the competition by making a video, song, poem, podcast or webpage on how the Shoalhaven can be more water wise.  Tap to Win!

Open to primary and high schools in the Shoalhaven LGA, classes of all ages are encouraged to be creative to share creatively how we can all save water.  Entries must be less than one minute and can be emailed to if under 10 MB with a Subject Line – Tap and Win Competition.  Video files must be on a disc or USB and can be sent to Shoalhaven City Council, PO Box 42, Nowra NSW 2541.

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley said, “This competition is a great way for children to learn more about being water conscience.  It starts at an early age and this encourages classes to learn more about water and where it comes from.”  

The winning class will win a class pass to Swim and Fitness waterslides at your choice of Nowra, Ulladulla or Bay and Basin.

For more details about the competition, contact Melissa Andrews at Council on Tel: 4429 3411. Entries close 15 October 2018.

Protect our Environment – Notify Shoalhaven Water of any Sewer Leaks or Spills

10th September 2018

Sewerage overflows affect everyone and if left unreported, can worsen causing damage to our environment and risk public health.  Shoalhaven has an active oyster industry and any leak to the sewer system can be of significant impact to growers.  If you see or think there is an issue about sewer in your area please report it to Shoalhaven Water immediately on 4429 3214 or you can chat online with one of our friendly staff.

Two of the most common reasons for sewerage overflows include broken pipes and blocked sewer lines.   Broken pipes can occur in both Council’s sewerage system and on private property.  A problem with sewer lines might be identified by odour or unexpected wet areas during drier periods of time.   If unsure contact Shoalhaven Water so that we can investigate. 

Please remember that sewer overflows can occur, they are a serious source of pollution, a potential health risk and a significant impact to the community. Please report any concern immediately.   

Level 1 water restrictions will commence on 3 September following a long period of dry weather.

23 August 2018

Level 1 restrictions ban the washing down of hard surfaces such as paths and driveways and allows use of a hand-held hose at any time for gardening and lawn watering and washing of vehicles and boats.  Sprinklers, drip irrigation and topping up of existing swimming pools can be used, but hoses must be connected to a timer.

Mayor Amanda Findley said the Level 1 water restrictions are the first step to ensure we keep our water levels as steady as possible as well as prepare us for the summer months ahead.

“Shoalhaven Water reviewed all the relevant information on water usage, dam levels and long-term forecasts before making the decision to commence water restrictions to Level 1,” Clr Findley said.  “There are tried and tested plans in place that trigger the start of water restrictions.”

 “Water restrictions are about getting the balance right between trying to prolong the amount of water in the dams while still allowing residents to use water how they need it.”

Handheld watering by a hose is allowed at any time on any day.

If there is no substantial rainfall in the coming months, Level 2 water restrictions would be announced in the future.

Clr Findley thanked the community in advance for being water wise during the long dry spell.

“We all see the effect of the drought on our farmers and agriculture sector and with the level of dry fuel on the ground, there is the increased risk for bushfires which has already commenced in the Shoalhaven,” Clr Findley said. “Bushfires increase the need for water usage, so we need everyone to play a part.”

“Shoalhaven Water want to ensure we have water security for the Shoalhaven and no one can afford to be complacent.  It is up to each individual to play a part in watching every drop.”

Shoalhaven Water will continue to monitor dam levels and would review the restriction level again if more significant rain falls over the catchment.

“If any rain falls over the dam and the levels increase, Shoalhaven Water will review the water restriction level,” Clr Findley said.

“Shoalhaven Water and Council understands how important our water is and that’s why we want to ensure we preserve such a precious resource while still allowing residents to use water when they need it.”

Some commercial and community users have standard variations to the restrictions levels and all customers can apply for an approved special variation for their water usage if required for a particular reason. 

Further updates
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Shoalhaven Water seeks feedback on a Future Directions Report

23 August 2018

Councils Strategy and Assets Committee on 21 August considered a report from Shoalhaven Water on the Danjera Dam site. The report full report can be found at the Strategy & Assets Committee meeting agenda by following this link

Council resolved to place a Future Directions Report on public exhibition for 28 days and send to all stakeholders who registered their interest in the future of the camping area to seek comment on the proposed way forward.  Shoalhaven Water would consider the responses and again report back to Council through this process.

The public can also provide feedback or ask questions through the Council “Get involved” pages which will be available in the coming days. The “Get involved” facility can be found on the Council website here

Impending Water Restrictions

9 August 2018

Shoalhaven Water’s Director Carmel Krogh has confirmed that with no rain on the horizon the Shoalhaven is quickly heading towards its first restriction on water since February 2010. Level one water restrictions are just weeks away with Shoalhaven Water preparing to release back up water storage supplies from Danjera dam.

The continued dry spell is having an impact on the Shoalhaven River flows which is the trigger to implementing water restrictions. The Shoalhaven’s main storage supply at Bamarang is an off-creek storage dam and is reliant on water being pumped from the Shoalhaven River at Burrier to maintain its capacity. When the pumps are turned off at Burrier the Shoalhaven is reliant on the current dam capacity. When the level of water in Bamarang Dam again starts to decline, the next level of water restrictions is implemented.

We have been lucky over the last seven years with only the threat of restrictions occurring, but with dry predictions again forecast for Spring and Summer we must encourage the community to be conscious of water usage so that we can conserve our supply. For an overview on our water supply visit our Water Snapshot page.

Further updates
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Click here for the latest Water Snapshot

Tap Dog talks Poop

7 May 2018

Tap Dog recently attended a ‘Clean up after your dog’ day reminding the community on responsible pet ownership. Did you know there are on the spot penalties for not picking up after your dog?

Follow the link to Shoalhaven City Council’s website to find out all the rules.

Upgrade of customer billing systems

13th April 2018

For some time now Shoalhaven Water has been working to upgrade its customer service, billing and reporting systems to a single integrated platform. This development will enable further advancements to be made with our e-business service activities and which customers have given us feedback as wanting to see some improvements.  Customers are increasingly wanting to do more business with us online.  

As previously indicated Shoalhaven Water will be soon be implementing the first stage of this project and this might result in some delays to the normal billing cycles during September and October. Customers may receive accounts later than normally expected but the reading of water meters will not be affected.  

To reduce any impact with the implementation of systems, some water meters might also be read early during August.  In these low number of cases, accounts will also be issued earlier than normal.   Once the billing system is fully implemented, billing cycles will return to normal. 

Shoalhaven Water has taken the opportunity to review the effectiveness of the current arrangement for pensioner account holders to have a 365 grace period to pay water accounts.  Over 89% of customers receive no benefit from this facility.  In order to provide a direct benefit to all the pensioner account holders, changes have been made to increase the pension rebate by $10.00 annually for water and $10.00 for sewer availability charges.  

This increased rebate will be applied each quarter to the account and it will be shown as a separate item on the account.  This change will commence on 1 July 2018.  The increase has been calculated to fully offset the interest which would normally accrue over the removed grace period for unpaid water and sewer availability charges.   This is a direct benefit to all pensioner account holders but now interest charges will accrue on all unpaid accounts after the normal due date. 

The first stage will also see some changes to the look of water accounts.  This is yet to be finalised but visit this website for more information closer to September.

If customers have any questions about the changes please contact us direct by email or phone 44293214.

Shoalhaven City Council join the WaterAid, Walk for Water Campaign

29th February 2018

During the week of 19 March - 23 March, Shoalhaven City Council staff joined the WaterAid campaign, Walk for Water.

Their aim was to walk 10,000 steps a day for 5 days to raise money to help provide lifesavings safe water to some of the world’s poorest communities. They did exactly this and have raised an amazing $3,233.52 for Water Aid so far.

The WaterAid website states ‘1 in 9 people worldwide still don’t have access to clean water close to home. For hundreds of millions of people, especially women and girls, that means long, dangerous and physically painful walks to collect water from sources that could be filthy. WaterAid is committed to helping communities gain access to clean water sources close to home, enabling women and girls to spend more of their time going to school, seeking employment, looking after children, and engaging in leisure activities’.

Donations can still be made to WaterAid for this campaign up until 9 April 2018. We like to thank everyone for their donations and support.

Supporting local community

19th February 2018

Shoalhaven Water is supporting a range of activities across our community and in a variety of ways. This done to promote our industry and raise awareness of the services we provide to our customers and general community.

Some of the programs include the ongoing installation of water filling stations at public areas across the city. Since 2010 Shoalhaven Water has installed 20 units and we aim to install three stations each year. Water treatment plant tours are undertaken at various times throughout the year and this program is a very popular activity which educates customers on the filtration and processing of our water supplies.

Shoalhaven Water also support a range of sporting events including annual golf day fundraisers as well as several major local triathlons with the most recent being held in Huskisson. With an eye to the future and development of youth, Shoalhaven Water has supported a local robotics team who will be attending a World Festival event presenting their project which developed a fitting for water downpipes that generate electricity from the flow of water.

REMS Transfer Main REF Addendum

24 January 2018

Shoalhaven Water has developed a REMS Transfer Main REF Addendum to provide further information following consultation with nearby landowners. The transfer main will be built from the wastewater treatment plant at Bomaderry, under Shoalhaven River, to the Nowra treatment plant, subject to Council approval. The REF addendum has been developed due to the alignment that was outlined in the original REF which has changed because of consultation with nearby land owners. In addition, the proposed hours of operation have also changed to minimise the project risks.

Shoalhaven Water will provide a display for public comment which will be located in the Nowra and Ulladulla Council Offices during 9-23 February 2018.

Click here to view the REF Addendum

Submissions can be made on the REF by emailing:

For more information, contact 1800 457 443 or email

2018 Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize

9th February 2018

Applications for the Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize is now open. For more information on how to get involved follow this link to the Australia Water Association website.

The winner of the competition is invited to participate in the international competition in Stockholm, Sweden, competing with over 30 countries. Applications close 11 March 2018.

Tapstar at Kids Day Out

15 January 2018

Tapstar & Dripette recently attended a fun filled day at the Annual Kids Day Out at Nowra City Turf Club where they felt right at home amongst the other superheros.

Keep an eye out for the mighty water saving duo at the upcoming Country Shows!

If you have a photo you would like to share please email it in to us today.

Water Restrictions Update

11 January 2018

The rainfall prior to Christmas and recent intermittent storm events have allowed the Shoalhaven water supply system to meet the demand over the peak period.

The combined storages of water for the city are currently at 92% of capacity. The Director Shoalhaven Water has said that “Although the Shoalhaven River flows have dropped over recent weeks the weather outlook and system storages together with operating conditions mean that water restrictions will not need to be imposed over the summer period”.

Customers are encouraged to monitor their water use always and visit our website for regular updates on water supply or sewerage services.