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Water & Sewer Connections

Sewer Diagrams

There are various sewer diagrams available to assist you with locating the water and sewer lines that your property connects to.

sewer diagram Sewer diagrams help you locate our services.

Service Location

Shoalhaven Water is a member of Dial Before You Dig (DBYD). This service is available for those who wish to obtain a Service Location Diagram indicating where Shoalhaven Water assets are located in relation to a lot, street or larger area within the Shoalhaven.

Lodging an enquiry with DBYD is a simple process and can be done either online, via the Android or iPhone App, or by calling 1100 during office hours (toll free). To start the quick and easy process, simply visit the DBYD website and register as a new user. Responses are automatic so you will receive your diagram shortly after submitting the application. 

Should your application be returned with a HIGH RISK ASSET notice or if you have any further questions relating to a DBYD Diagram you have received please call our customer service team on 02 4429 3214, option 2. 

External Sewer Diagram for Solicitors and Conveyancers

External Sewer Diagrams are used for conveyancing purposes (Sale of Land) and can be requested for a small fee by either submitting the below 149 Certificate Application or by completing the online service request. Both options are available below in the Additional Information section.

Credit card or BPay options available for online requests.

For further information contact Shoalhaven Water on 02 4429 3277.

Household Internal Drainage

Council will search its files for details of household drainage lines which carry wastewater to the reticulated sewerage system or septic disposal system (septic tank etc). If available, a copy of the plan will be provided for a fee in accordance with Council’s list of “Fees, Charges and Rentals”.

Historically, household internal drainage diagrams may not always be available.

For further information on Internal Drainage Diagrams contact Shoalhaven City Council’s Building and Compliance Services on 02 4429 3211.