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Plans & Specifications

Plans & Specifications

All developers are required to prepare water and/or sewerage design plans in accordance with Shoalhaven Water’s specifications and drawings where new infrastructure is required to be built to service new development or existing infrastructure modified to allow new development to take place.

building plans Developers are required to prepare design plans.

Why are water and/or sewerage design plans required?

Design plans are necessary to be prepared to Shoalhaven Water’s standard specification to ensure works are carried out at a high standard.

What is the purpose of inspections?

Shoalhaven Water requires certain inspections be carried out during the construction phase to ensure the works comply with our standards. This inspection process is critical to allowing the works to progress to completion and connection to the existing water supply or sewerage systems. Shoalhaven Water’s inspections are in addition to inspections that are carried out by the principal’s superintendent. Shoalhaven Water inspections are charged out in accordance with Council’s Fees and Charges.

Why are Work-as-Executed plans required?

These plans are necessary so the actual location of the asset built is known and in what manner it was constructed. Work-as-executed plans are required to be prepared by a registered surveyor.