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First time property developers often find themselves faced with policies, processes and conditions imposed by Council as a result of their development. 

housing development Developers often face unexpected charges.

Generally in most cases, the first time developer faces the prospect of having to pay Council fees and charges which they haven't even heard of let alone budgeted for. Some of the fees and charges include:

Developer Contributions (also known as Section 64 Contributions) are upfront payments levied by Shoalhaven Water to recover part of the infrastructure costs incurred in servicing new developments or additions/changes to existing developments which impose a loading on Council’s water supply and/or sewerage infrastructure. The greater the loading on the system the greater the developer contributions amount payable.

Connection to Water Supply will depend on the size and complexity of the project.

Water and Sewer Inspections must be booked through Shoalhaven Water in accordance with the approval for the prospective works. Inspection fees apply. Failure to arrange the required inspections will result in work not being approved and delay to the project.

Some further requirements that may be requested of you include:

Backflow Prevention devices may need to be installed if your business is determined to be a potential hazard to Shoalhaven City’s water supply.

Liquid Trade Waste may be a requirement if your business is deemed to put a strain on the processing of sewage.
Building Over or Near Council Sewer infrastructure or assets requires compliance with Council’s Building over Sewers Policy.  

Demolition Information must be considered prior to demolition to ensure water and sewer lines are disconnected prior to any work being done to avoid contamination.