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Demolition Information

Shoalhaven Water has important requirements that must be adhered to prior to demolition works.

house being demolished Developers need to meet specific requirements before demolition starts.

Demolition requirements are:

  • Internal water lines on the property are to be disconnected from the existing metered water service/s currently serving the lot (including any metered or unmetered fire service/s).
  • All existing internal sewer drainage pipe work is to be flushed, disconnected from the existing sewer junction and the sewer junction is to be temporarily capped off. Works must be inspected by Shoalhaven Water at the developer/applicants's cost.
  • All works must be undertaken by a licensed plumber in accordance with Shoalhaven Water’s requirements.

Inspection Requirements

There must be a minimum 2 working days' notice for an inspection to occur. The requesting person (generally the plumber or contractor on larger projects) must provide:

  • their license number, and
  • WorkCover General Induction for Construction Work in NSW (white card) details and contact details. 

The person making the request for the inspection is liable for payment of the inspection/s.

The plumber/contractor shall be required to sign the inspection sheet after each inspection has been completed.  Failure to do so will result in the inspection being recorded as non-compliant and another inspection will be required.

Non-compliance with these requirements can result in damage or blockages to Council's assets and may result in costly rectification works and/or legal action. 

To arrange an inspection contact Shoalhaven Water’s Development Unit on 02 4429 3547.