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Shoalhaven Water’s Reclaimed Water Management Scheme (REMS) is one of the largest and more complex water recycling schemes undertaken by a regional water utility.

REMS Large irrigation machine using REMS reclaimed water

The objectives of REMS are:

  • To maximise the use of reclaimed water for beneficial purposes rather than disposing of it into the environment
  • To supply high quality irrigation water to the region’s farmers to improve their sustainability
  • To provide sufficient water to irrigate local sporting facilities and golf courses


REMS Stage 1A, costing $34m, was commissioned in January 2002. Fourteen dairy farms, two golf courses and several sporting grounds irrigate with reclaimed water from the scheme on well over 500 hectares of land. So far, over 28,000 megalitres have been beneficially reused through the REMS, 70% of reclaimed water produced.

The REMS 1B scheme was commissioned in late 2019 involving major treatment process and capacity upgrades to the Nowra and Bomaderry Wastewater treatment plants (WwTPs). REMS 1B also included the construction of a network of reclaimed water transfer pipelines to allow high quality reclaimed water to be connected to the existing REMS distribution network and be utilised by local dairy farms, golf courses and sporting grounds. The connection of the Nowra and Bomaderry schemes to the existing REMS network essentially doubles the reclaimed water available to end users (to approximately 22 megalitres per day).

The reclaimed water produced by REMS complies with the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling: Managing Health and Environmental risks, Phase 1 2006 and the NSW Guidelines for Recycled Water Management Schemes (2015). 

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All enquiries regarding the REMS 1B project may be directed to the project information line on 1800 457 443 or email shoalhavenrems@ugllimited.com  We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this important work.